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How to order the scale model

Information on placing the order for model, pricing, payment options, model delivery or shipment is givenbelow. Other useful information, which may be useful for You, is also provided.

Order, payment, delivery/shipment of models:

Additional important information:


How to order the model from “Admiral”?

Send us the proposal with the following information:

  • • The name of your enterprise (the organization) and Contact person.
  • • Full name and type of the model prototype.
  • • Availability of the drawings and photographs.
  • • Desired scale of the model(s).
  • • Desired quantity of models.
  • • Desired date the completed model to be delivered.
  • • Shipping address (the country and city).
  • • Special requirements to the model(s).
  • • Questions you might be interested in.

If you have the drawing of general view (preferably in .DXF or .DWG file format) and one or more photographs of the prototype (file in .JPG, .BMP etc.), please, enclose them with the proposal.

Our e-mail: info@admiralmodel.com
Contact person: Vladimir Chernenko

Based on your proposal, we shall work out the draft of the contract on building the model(s).

After agreement of all items of the contract and its signing by both parties, and also after fulfillment of the initial terms and conditions, we shall start building the model(s).

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Do I need to provide the drawings?

It is possible to make the model using only several photographs. However, costs for the development of model design will be much greater.

The accuracy and reliability of the model design depend of the credibility and completeness of the information on the prototype used.

Therefore, it would be advantageous to provide us with all the available information including drawings, photographs, or illustrations at the contract stage of the project.

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Can I oversee the model construction process?

If you interesting process of building to models:

  • • You can visit us in our workshop in Vyborg.
  • • We can create a special page on this website with the photographs illustrating the building process so you will be informed of the model's progress.

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How do we ship models?

Models are shipped safely all over the world. You can select one of the following options:

  • • For small distances (less than 300km from Vyborg), the model can be delivered by our courier.
  • • For longer distances, it is necessary to use service provided by a transport company.
  • • You can collect the model yourself.

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How to pay?

As a rule, payments are split into two parts as follows:

  • • The advance deposit (20…30% of the total cost of the order) after signing of the agreement, but prior to start the actual work.
  • • The final payment should be made after signing the act of the models inspection, but before delivery it to Customer.

You can use one of the following options:

  • • Cash.
  • • Bank remittance.

If payment in cash option is selected and transport company is not used for model(s) delivery, the final payment can be made at the moment of handing model(s) to Customer.

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What is included in the price?

The price includes the following:

  • • Initial research and acquisition of technical information on the prototype.
  • • Design model.
  • • Procurement of materials.
  • • Fabrication of details and model assembly.
  • • Transportation/shipping, including packaging and insurance.
  • • The brokerages of banks.
  • • The customs tax.
  • • Taxes.
  • • Our profit.

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How to minimize costs of the model?

We known the following ways to reduce the expenses:

  • • You can considerably minimize the price by ordering several models of one project. In this case our expenses will distribute on all models and the total price of each model will decrease. It could be possible that you need only one model, but perhaps the same models are needed for enterprise or organization, which work you with.
  • • You can also save our time and thereby reduce the design costs by providing us with the drawings of the prototype.
  • • You can also save by excluding or simplifying certain part(s) or details of the model(s). However we do not recommend this way because it can lead to the model being bare and uninteresting.

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What will the model contain?

Usually, the models include details, which size is greater than 3mm.

Very small details don't add attractiveness to the model, but would raise the price considerably.

In any case, all the details shown in general view drawings will be represented on the model, according to our agreement with you.

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Will inscription like “Made in …” on models?

Only those inscription, signs, allegories etc will be on the model, which are present on the prototype.

However we put the label on stand made of fine transparent film illustrating the “Admiral” company logo, address of this site and inscription “Made in Russia”. The size of this label is about 2×4cm and it can be seen only at a small distance.

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How to choose a model scale?

We recommend to choose from the following scales:

  • • 1:25, 1:50 for boats and yachts
  • • 1:75, 1:100 for ships and vessels
  • • 1:150, 1:200, 1:250 for floating structures

These scales allow to do the models witch are enough saturated, interesting and they do not raise the expenses and price.

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What display stands are available?

Usually we install models on a stand consist of a base made from laminated WSP (wood shaving plate), and decorative turned brass or aliminium pedestals that support the model.

They are inexpensive and would well match your office furniture and modern exhibition stands.

However, using WSP is not always motivated. For example, laminated WSP stand base would not look attractive under a battleship from the end of XIX century, or it will not suit for VIP present. In this case we can offer the base made from quality hardwood.

Stand from laminated WSPStand from quality hardwood

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Do I need a display case?

The Model not protected by a display case, is subjected to various dangers, such as:

  • • Dust (attracted by static electricity generated on model)
  • • People (particularly curious and unwary visitors of exhibitions)
  • • Children and home animals (if the model is at home)
  • • Subjects of interior decor (for example, window curtain on draught)
  • • Insects (to be specific, products of their vital activity)

The transparent walls of display case protect the model against mechanical impacts, and contamination can be easily removed from it, without risk to damage model. Therefore, we urgently recommend ordering model with the protective display case.

For stands made of laminated WSP we offer inexpensive, light and durable display case with organic glass (organic glass can whack under a strong impact, but it never break into small sharp splinters; however, organic glass surface is unendurable to abrasion wear and possibly in 20…30 years it will need to be polished or changed).

If stand is valuable sorts wood we offer display case of framework (from same sorts wood) with silicate glass.

Display case with organic glassDisplay case of framework from wood

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What for the transportation box is needed?

As a rule, we pack models in a durable plywood box, to protect the models and display case against damages during transportation. The lid of box is fixed by screws, so it can be used repeatedly. The Box for heavy or big size models is fitted out with a set of handles for carry.

Customer may not need the transportation box if the model is small and delivered to Customer by our courier, or Customer collects the model himself.

We recommend ordering the transportation box if you need to transportat the model repeatedly.

If Customer uses facilities of a shipping/transportation company for delivery of the model, packing models in the transportation box is obligatory.

Transportation box

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How does “Admiral” use information received from Customer?

We guarantee, that any original information material, received from the Customer, as well as their copies, can be given to third parties only after obtaining special permit from the Customer.

We guarantee return to the Customer his information material provided, excluding its copies made by us and computer files.

The modeldesigns developed by us based on the material provided by the Customer, as well as illustrations of models built by us, we consider to be available for unlimited dissemination depending on our discretion, including for reproducing scale models for other Customers.

If there are any restrictions on dissemination of information on the scale model built for Customer, they must be specified in the agreement on building this model.

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Does “Admiral” use Customer's name for own advertising?

We can use Customer's name in our own advertising campaign (for example, to publish in the “Our clients” list) without obtaining special permit from the Customer.

If there are restrictions on Customer's name publication in our advertising-information material, they must be specified in the agreement on building the model.

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